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AIR 2.0.0 (Automated Image and Restore) is online!
Di Admin (del 18/02/2010 @ 16:37:46, in Computer Forensics, linkato 4802 volte)

"A new version of AIR has been released. The primary change is that it now supports the dc3dd imager and doing 2 hashing algorithms. Thanks to Dr. Nanni Bassetti for his modifications and feedback that made this release possible. As always, feedback and comments appreciated."

These are the comments of Steve Gibson on SourceForge.net for the launch of the new release of
AIR (Automated Image and Restore).

about air

I remember when I used for the first time this precious and useful GUI for the DD and DCFLDD, it was the 2005...me and thousands of people have loved it...and in the 2010 I am in the development team, because I just modified AIR changing DCFLDD with DC3DD, double hashing and iflag setting.

I was very happy that Steve has appreciated my starting changes and then he worked to tune and fix the final release of AIR 2.0.0

Special thanks to the Beta Testers:

Stefano Menozzi (very deep testing)
Raffaele Colaianni

AIR WEBSITE: http://air-imager.sourceforge.net/